Holy Saturday


Holy Saturday 2011

We meet this Great Day of our Lord’s victory over sin and death with the paschal fire lit; we have lit the Easter candle—Christ's light—from the fire and proclaimed his Resurrection in the song of the Exsultet. Then we entered, by means of a series of readings, the history of salvation.  God liberated his people from slavery and gave them true freedom.  God rose up the prophets who continually called his people to conversion and a new way of life.  Tonight we celebrate the victory of good over evil, of Life over death. It is not possible to grasp the mystery of the Resurrection except by returning to the beginning and understanding how God has lead his people to salvation.

Finally, we arrive at the moment in which the two Mary’s were at the tomb.  It was there that they heard the message that Jesus was raised from the dead.  Instead of remaining, and celebrating, they were sent to share this good news with others.  Tonight we are at our own tombs of doubt, despair, sadness, death, addiction, sickness, and so much more.  Tonight we are sent for Jesus Christ’s victory is now our victory.  Christ not only revealed to us the victory of life over death, but brought us, with his Resurrection, the New Life. He gave us this new life.

Tonight we renew our promises that we made in baptism.  May the use of this water dispel evil from our midst.  May the sacrament of the Eucharist allow us to partake in Christ’s victory here and now.

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