Saint Boniface Parish School of Religion

2010 - 2011 Handbook of School Policies

Updated August 2010

Saint Boniface Parish

1007 Olive Street

Evansville, Illinois 62242

Parish Office 618-853-4453

Saint Boniface Parish Mission Statement:

We, the followers of Jesus, gathered as Saint Boniface Parish will

renew our faith in the Gospel and the life of our parish by inviting

members to enthusiastic participation in ministering to the people

of the parish and larger church. Amen


Reverend Ben Stern Administrator 853-4453

Deacon Steve Pautler Coordinator of Religious Ed. 853-2235

Alice Ohms Parish Secretary 853-4453

Natalie Becker Catechist 317-2995

Gina Bleem Catechist 853-4196

Amy Bauer Catechist/Special Activities 282-2284

Debbie Grapperhaus Catechist - Substitute 443-8247

Class Room Locations

Kindergarten Small Conference Room Rectory

1st. & 2nd. Grade Parish Meeting Room Rectory

3rd. - 5th. Grades Priests Sacristy Church

6th. - 8th. Grades Servers Sacristy Church

(Final class room assignments based on class size)

Date Location Activity Time Attendees

Wed. Sept 1, 2010 Church Teachers Gathering 7 pm - 8 pm Teachers

Wed. Sept 8, 2010 Church Mass/Welcome 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Parents/Teachers

Sun. Sept 12, 2010 Church Youth Day Gathering 9:30 am - ? Students/Parents/Teachers

Wed. Sept 15, 2010 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed, Sept 22, 2010 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Sept 29, 2010 Class Room Child Protection 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Oct. 6, 2010 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Oct 13, 2010 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Oct 20, 2010 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Oct 27, 2010 Church Mass/Activity 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Parents/Teachers

Wed. Nov 3, 2010 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Nov 10, 2010 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Nov 17, 2010 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Nov. 24, 2010 Church Mass of Thanksgiving 7 pm - 8 pm Teachers/Students/Parish

Wed. Dec. 1, 2010 Church Christmas Preparation 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Dec 8, 2010 Church Mass/ Holy Day 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers/Parish

Wed. Dec 15, 2010 Church Reconciliation/Activity 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Sun. Dec 19, 2010 Church Christmas Caroling 6 pm - 8 pm Youth/PSR/Choir/Parents

Wed. Dec 22, 2010 Parish Gym Christmas Party 6 pm - 8 pm Youth/PSR/Parish

Fri. Dec. 24, 2010 Church Christmas Mass 4 pm - 5 pm Christmas Mass Attendees

Wed. Jan 5, 2011 Church Mass/Class Resumes 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Parents/Teachers

Wed. Jan 12, 2011 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Jan. 19, 2011 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Jan 26, 2011 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Feb 2, 2011 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Feb 9, 2011 Church Mass/Activity 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers/Parents

Wed. Feb 16, 2011 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Feb. 23, 2011 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Mar 2, 2011 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Mar 9, 2011 Church Ash Wednesday/Mass 7 pm - 8 pm Teachers/Students/Parish

Wed. Mar 16, 2011 Church Lent Group Activity 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Mar 23, 2011 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Mar 30, 2011 Church Reconciliation/Activity 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Apr 6, 2011 Class Room Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed. Apr 13, 2011 Church Lent Group Activity 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Tue. Apr 19, 2011 Cathedral Chrism Mass 10:30 am—? Optional 6th & 7th Grade

Thu. Apr 21, 2011 Church Holy Thursday TBA All

Fri. Apr 22, 2011 Church Good Friday TBA All

Sat. Apr 23, 2011 Church Holy Saturday TBA All

Sun. Apr 24, 2011 Church Easter Sunday TBA All

Wed. Apr 27, 2011 Class Room Last Instruction 7 pm - 8 pm Students/Teachers

Wed May 4, 2011 Class Room End of Term Party 6 pm - ? Teachers/Students/Parish

Sun. May 1, 2011 Church First Holy Communion 9:30 a.m. 2nd. Grade Class/Parish

Holy Days of Obligation and other Special Days in the Church Calendar

December 8, 2010* Wednesday Immaculate Conception

December 25, 2010* Saturday Christmas


January 1, 2011* Saturday Solemnity of Mary

March 9, 2011 Wednesday Ash Wednesday

April 22, 2011 Friday Good Friday

April 24, 2011* Sunday Easter

June 2, 2011* Thursday Ascension

August 15, 2011* Monday Assumption

November 1, 2011* Tuesday All Saint's Day

December 8, 2011* Thursday Immaculate Conception

December 25, 2011* Sunday Christmas

Changes in dates and time will be announced in the Parish Bulletin and a note will be sent home with the students. For information contact the Parish Office.

General Parish School of Religion Policies

Since it is not possible for a Handbook to address every situation that may arise during a school year, the Parish School of Religion administration reserves the right to amend or revoke the policies and procedures in this Handbook at any time as circumstances may require. When changes are made to the Handbook, parents and students will be informed of the change in writing in a timely manner, and this will include a statement about when the change will take effect.


The PSR program provides religious formation for students in grades Kindergarten through eight who attend public schools. Our goal is to instruct the children in our parish family as a community of believers in the Catholic faith. The instructions include faith enriching

experiences, such as liturgies, faith instructions, prayer, sacramental preparation, discussions leading to moral awareness and community service. Parents as primary educators are involved at all levels. Our parish provides this PSR program to help parents fulfill their obligations as primary educators of our Catholic Faith. The cooperation between parents and teachers will result in responsible behavior essential for the growth of the student as a contributing member of the Christian community.


A child who is five years of age or who will reach the age of five by September 1st may enter kindergarten in August. Children baptized outside the parish will need to present a baptismal certificate. New students are always welcomed. Any student transferring to Saint Boniface PSR needs supply a baptismal record, upon entering school.

Child Protection Policy

The Diocese of Belleville, in an effort to protect children from abuse, has established a Child Protection Policy. All individuals and entities under the auspices of the Diocese are expected to comply with the provisions of this policy. The Child Protection Policy requires completion of an application, background check(s) and training program for all those that are in regular and/

or supervisory contact with the children of our parish and school. This includes both those in paid employment as well as, those that volunteer their services. The training programs are designed to enable individuals to identify signs of abuse; understand and establish appropriate boundaries related to their work with children; as well as, laws, policies and procedures to report allegations of abuse.

Anyone interested in serving in any capacity that involves contact or supervision of children must adhere to the following guidelines:

Complete an application (Employment or Volunteer). Applications are available at the Parish Office.

Completion of a CANTS (Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System) form. This form is required to be completed every 2 years.

Some positions require completion of an Illinois State Police Criminal Investigation History. This form is required to be completed every 5 years.


Prayer is an important part of our program. Each week classes will begin with prayer. Children will attend prayer services and liturgies throughout the year. Children will learn the different forms of prayer: praise, petition, thanksgiving and contrition. Starting in 1st grade, students will begin memorizing specific prayers and church laws. One of the best ways for the children to learn these prayers is to say them everyday with their parents.

Conduct in Church

At different times throughout the year students will go to church, either as a class or the entire school. Proper behavior and a respectful attitude is expected of them. Boys should remove their hats. Student should bless themselves with Holy Water upon entering the church. Before entering and leaving the pew, each student should genuflect/bow to the tabernacle making the Sign of the Cross. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the liturgy with word, song and active listening.

Sacramental Programs

St. Boniface PSR prepares for Sacraments during a two year period.

2nd grade: First Reconciliation and First Communion

7th & 8th grade: Confirmation (every other year)

Preparation for these sacraments begins in the 1st and 7th grade. It is necessary that the student fulfills all the assignments for the reception of the sacrament. There are various activities and meetings throughout the year for these sacraments. It is required that at least one parent attend the parent meetings in preparation for the sacraments.


Enrollment is open to children who attend public school A copy of your child’s Baptismal record is needed at registration. Tuition assistance is available for families in need. No family will be refused admission for inability to pay fees. Please contact the Parish Office for financial arrangements. Registration for families begins in August.

Tuition fees are as follows:

One student $35

$10 for each additional student up to $50.00

Parental and Student Responsibility

Parents have the primary responsibility of religious education for their children. Parents/Guardians are expected to show an interest in the religious education of each child by cooperating with the teachers and the administrator. Students are expected to comply with all school regulations and conduct him/herself in a manner that is conducive to good learning.

Attendance at Mass on Sundays and Holydays of Obligation is expected of all families. Participation in the sacramental life of the Church is the very heart of our faith. The Catholic teaching and training your child receives in the Parish School of Religion needs to be rooted in the parish worship at Mass.


In order for your child to receive the most benefit from the program, regular attendance is vital. Please call the Parish office at 853- 4453 to report an absence. An attendance report is kept on each child and those missing class will be asked to make up work. If the child has excessive absences a meeting will take place to discuss the situation. If a child misses too many classes, the student may be advised to repeat the grade level. Please inform the PSR office if you move or will no longer be attending the program.


Students should not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to class and should wait outside the classroom until the teacher is present. Students should report directly to the classroom when they arrive in the building. If you drop your child off they should be dropped off near the back of the Parish Church. Please be very careful in the parking lot, as we have many children who are walking to or from cars. Being on time is important to the continuity of good education and teaches the child responsibility. Classes are only one hour, so it is important that the students arrive on time. If the student arrives after the bell rings, it is disruptive to the entire class, so please make every effort to arrive on time. Class starts promptly at 7:00 p.m.


Parents should pick-up your child in the parking lot behind the church. If someone else will be picking up your child, or if your child is walking home a note needs to be given to the teacher. Children will be released at 8:00 p.m.

Cancellation of Classes

Sometimes it is necessary to cancel classes due to inclement weather. If classes are cancelled, it will be announced on WHCO 1230 Sparta or contact the Parish Office 853-4453. Please note that classes are automatically cancelled when Sparta Community District #140 day school is canceled.


In order to reinforce what is being taught homework may be given out each week. Parents should be interested and assist your child with their homework when necessary. Encourage your child to do neat work and complete the assignments, etc. This will make you aware of what is being taught and will let them know that religion homework is important.

Progress Reports/Parent Teacher Conferences

Starting this year, children will receive progress reports two times a year in PSR. The first progress report will be given in December. Once each year there will be a Parent Teacher Conference scheduled with your child’s teacher, and Father Ben to address any concerns

and to allow some time for the students and parents to meet personally with their teacher and Father Ben. You will be notified when progress reports are being sent home and when the Parent Teacher Conferences will be scheduled

Service Projects

Occasionally, throughout the year we will be offering other opportunities for the children to participate in service projects. Your support of these projects is encouraged and greatly appreciated.


The task of religious education is rewarding, but also challenging. Our catechists are dedicated people who are devoting their time to find the best means of guiding and teaching your children about God and their faith. It is very important that your child knows that his parents stand behind the PSR program and value religious education. The PSR program emphasizes the positive in each child.

In order for the program to allow full participation by all students in the learning process, an atmosphere conducive to religious growth must be present. The following regulations have been established to ensure this atmosphere exists:

The student may not bring items such as toys, electronic equipment, headphones, etc or any object that may distract from class.

If the child must bring a cell phone it is to remain off during class. If the phone rings it will be taken and given back at the end of class.

Deliberate property damage or vandalism will not be tolerated. PSR students should respect our parish buildings and the parish property.

No use or possession of a controlled substance.

No use of profanity.

Students will show respect for other students, teachers, adults and property.

No eating or chewing gum during class time.

Policy on Violence

St. Boniface Parish School of Religion seeks to provide a safe learning environment for the members of our community. It shall reflect Gospel values including an emphasis on the dignity of all people. Violence or the threat of violence is inconsistent with the dignity and respect due all people and is contrary to unity and peace, which is essential to living the Catholic faith in community. Therefore, the Parish School of Religion will maintain a no tolerance policy on violence. All observed instances or threats of violence need to be reported to the classroom catechist or pastor.

The safety of all students will be given paramount consideration when making decision regarding the discipline of person(s) who violate this policy.

Any act of violence will result in a meeting with the Pastor and appropriate action will be taken. While this policy seems to refer only to student behavior, such is not the case. Parents can expect that while their child is in class, the students will be treated with respect and Christian care. Parents are also expected to treat catechists, administration, parent volunteers and students with the same courtesy and respect.

Dress Code

The following dress code will aid in providing a safe and orderly environment for both faculty and students. Please dress appropriately for class. This includes:

No revealing clothing– i.e. midriff tops, muscle shirts, low rise pants, spaghetti straps, short skirts or shorts

No clothing with words or graphics that are anti-Christian, racist, sexist, profane or demeaning to another person or group.

No clothing or accessories that advocate violence.

No clothing or accessories with wording or graphics that advocates the consumption or use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

Students dressed inappropriately will not be allowed in the classroom. Parents will be called to bring up a change of clothing.


Parents/Grandparents are asked to volunteer 2 times each year to assist the catechist in the classroom.

Catechist, aide.

Donations of items that are used in the program (craft supplies, paper, etc)

Help at special events, Christmas Party, Group Events.

PSR Catechist

Eucharistic minister at PSR Masses