Journeying With Jesus

  Have you wanted to explore the tradition of our Catholic faith?   If so, consider  joining us in the journey.  Beginning June 1, we will meet on Wednesday nights to share faith and fellowship with one another.  The first book we will explore is Early Christian Writings: The Apostolic Fathers (Penguin Classics), which is available online for $12 or you could print the writings off the internet since many are in the public domain.  This book is a collection of ancient Christian writings dating before the year 200 A.D.  By reading these writings, we will glimpse what the early Christians thought and believed. Their writings use simple language and concepts, but they are rich in imagery, theology, and history. 

Date/Time      Topic

June 1
6:30 pm   Introduction to the Apostolic  Fathers

June 15
6:30 pm  Letter to Barnabas

June 22
6:30 pm  The First Epistle of Clement

July 6
6:30 pm   Didache

July 13
6:30 pm   Letters of Ignatius

July 20
6:30 pm   Letter of Polycarp & Martyrdom of Polycarp

August 3
6:30 pm   Letter to Diognetus