Journeying with Jesus

Have you wanted to explore the tradition of our Catholic faith?  Do you want to build relationships in our parish?  If so, consider coming to our new parish group.  Beginning June 1, we will meet on Wednesday nights to share faith and fellowship with one another.  Each week we will gather to discuss an excerpt from a religious book.  These gatherings will be held at parishioner’s homes, along with other venues.  

The first book we will explore is Early Christian Writings: The Apostolic Fathers (Penguin Classics), which is available online or at the parish office for $12.  This book is a collection of ancient Christian writings dating before the year 200 A.D.  By reading these writings, we will glimpse what the early Christians thought and believed. Their writings use simple language and concepts, but they are rich in imagery, theology, and history.  If you are willing to host a week in your home please call the parish office as soon as possible.  Our first gathering will begin on June 1 at the rectory meeting room.  We will have wine, cheese, and other snacks available that evening as we explore the theme of the coming weeks.  Please join and explore the treasures of our faith.

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