God save me from my god.  This seems like a strange prayer, but it is an important one.  Each of us has an idea of what God is like.  Our idea of God could be an old man sitting on a cloud or Aristotle’s unmoved mover who gazes only on himself, or something in between these extremes.  We all need images of God, but our own images are only partial glimpses of God’s true reality.  According to Aquinas, we know more about what God is not, than what God is.  God is not evil, God is not material, God is not unjust, God is not a table, and the list of what God is not can go on and on.   We cannot comprehend what God is because God is infinite.  Moreover, Scripture testifies that God is love; while we have some understanding of what human love is, we lack understanding of what perfect, infinite, and complete divine love is.  We have a glimpse of this love when Jesus gave his life for each of us on the cross.  We pray to God to remove our own finite understanding so that we can glimpse the fullness of his reality in heaven. 

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